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This website teaches how to TIG weld and fabricate with aluminum (and a bit of stainless).

40+ short instructional videos along with supplemental text.

After subscribing, click on any subject below to open the pages and videos:


-Quick overhead panoramic video of shop with machinery list (all part #'s included)

-Torch setup, tungsten type, tungsten shaping, etc...

-Basic welder setup and settings (Syncrowave 180)

-Advanced welder setup and settings (Dynasty 350)

-Different frequency (hertz) settings

-Factors that determine what TIG welder you should buy

-Where to buy aluminum welding material (sheet, bar, tube, etc...)

-How to cut aluminum material (10 different tools and how to use them)

-How to properly clean aluminum material

-Welding exercise #1 weld puddles

-Accidentally touching the tungsten into the weld puddle or filler rod

-Welding exercise #2 weld beads with no filler rod


-Filler rod selection (type and diameter size for different thickness material)


-Welding exercise #3 spot tacks with filler rod

-Welding exercise #4 weld beads with filler rod


-Welding exercise #5 butt welds

-Welding exercise #6 "T" welds (or inside corner welds)

-Welding exercise #7 Outside corner welds



Some of the videos below are free to view on YouTube. Search for the channel



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